Brand New Street Food menu

Brand New Street Food menu

It is now officially over 2 years since we opened our doors for the first time in Huddersfield on John William street! It has been a year of lessons, enjoyment, fun, hard work and a multitude of many more emotions only running a restaurant can offer! 

It has most definitely also been a year of reflection for us and our consistent efforts to always improve and better our menu/service/location to better serve our fans and local customers as well as visitors from all over the UK. 

As our success and unique dishes are slowly making a name for themselves up and down the country as we are often pleasantly surprised to be informed by customers, we have decided to slightly alter our menu. These changes are made to reflect mainly a dual goal! Our renewed passion for Thai food and new recipes as well as bringing you some of the best traditional Thai street dishes which many of you have already tried in your visits to Thailand.

From our deliciously slow cooked Massaman curry to our much loved Traditional Tom Yum Goong our brand new Street Thai Food menu is bursting with taste, aroma and unique options to satisfy all palettes and food-lovers! Thai food culture is adventurous, lively and “communal” by nature so street food and street food culture is embedded deep in Thai chefs’ hearts…and rewards those who are willing to take risks with new dishes.

Have a look now on our website by simply clicking here or even better..give it a try by visiting us in Huddersfield or reserving your table!

We look forward to seeing you and as we say in Thailand..

P.S. Little tip of the day  –  While visiting Thailand, don’t be afraid to try the street foods

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